Our catalyst for change was a little different to the norm and it happened during lockdown 1.0. A group of us got talking one day that we were sick and tired of large international, mainly US, tech companies owning our data and controlling how we do business - so we decided to do something about it. 


Our first priority has been to create an internet search engine that prioritises New Zealand business, businesses that employ local, support their community and pay their fair share of taxes.

Not the smallest or easiest task to undertake as we don’t quite have the resource of Google, Microsoft, Trivago, Uber  etc. but with a little kiwi ingenuity and number 8 we can go a long way on this journey. 

lockdown 1.0 team



Dan, Llyle, Lisa, Jan, Chris

Google in new Zealand sent over $511 million dollars of 'related-party fees' last year to its international parent company and pays next to nothing in New Zealand tax.

is google paying their fair share?

If, like us you don't think so.

Do something about it!!

Make titiro your search engine of choice

Our name, titiro, is look in Maori.

A word specifically chosen to encourage more people to look within our beautiful Aotearoa.