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We’re on a mission to help New Zealand recover and thrive, and we’d love your help.

Join us by making titiro your NEW search engine. 

titiro works hard to ensure New Zealand businesses rise to the top of the search results. Making it easy for you to support local.  

Big tech aggregators take money away from our local businesses, making it difficult for local owner operators to survive. Searching with titiro helps the little guys get ahead of the big international tech companies so we can be more sure when we search, local businesses are found

We stand for a stronger and more prosperous New Zealand


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We don’t sell your data to advertisers, we have no third party trackers and all your searches are anonymous.


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Sorry about that. Sometimes our internet-thingy doesn't always find every web address. If your New Zealand business hasn't come up in our search results please submit your site and we will make sure it does ASAP!


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